Hard Enduro fans, this is your bike

The new MR Hard Enduro Alfredo Gómez replica has arrived on the market, a limited edition of 100 numbered units that has generated great anticipation. Fans of this difficult discipline, with a special mention for fans of the Spanish rider, will be delighted to learn that this year a new MR Hard Enduro has arrived in the segment that pays tribute to our Grand Champion, the RIEJU Factory Racing rider.

The MR Hard Enduro Alfredo Gómez replica it inherits the same competitive DNA as the standard version, but with an exclusive design and a specific degree of customisation. It features the essential elements for this difficult speciality, which are exactly the same as those carried by the rider on his bike in the Hard Enduro World Championship.

The main differences between an Enduro bike and a Hard Enduro bike are, essentially, the differentiated distribution of power and the vehicle's protection for the difficult conditions to which the bike is subjected. It's important to note that many of the components fitted to the MR Hard Enduro Alfredo Gómez replica are exclusive and are not found on any other version.

The MR Hard Enduro Alfredo Gómez replica is a Limited Edition with an aggressive, avant-garde look that, together with the mythical '89' on the back, gives the whole package an absolutely sporty feel.

Rieju MR 2024 Hard Enduro Alfredo Gomez Replica Rieju MR 2024 Hard Enduro Alfredo Gomez Replica

Rieju MR Hard Enduro Alfredo Gomez Replica



OXA By Alfredo Gómez Exhaust System

The exclusive OXA By Alfredo Gómez exhaust offers more low-end power and improved torque, which is essential for enduro racing.

Thick Polycarbonate Crankcase Cover

Take on any terrain with the wrap-around AXP crankcase cover. Extra protection, right down to the connecting rods, against any impact caused by stones, rocks, tree trunks or other obstacles common in this discipline.

Polisport Front Disc Protector and Fork Protector

Benefit from safer braking against impacts thanks to the front disc protector, whose design promotes cooling. What's more, when combined with the Polisport fork protector, resistance to impacts and to dust and mud filtering is multiplied, prolonging its life.

Anodised Aluminium Rear Disc Protector and AXP Chain Guide

Red anodised aluminium rear disc protector with unique styling and maximum functionality. The red anodised aluminium hard disc protector offers durability, corrosion resistance and impact resistance to the brake disc.
The robust AXP chain guide prevents shocks and keeps the chain in its correct trajectory. What's more, its red design blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the bike.

Metal Radiator Guards

Provide extra protection in the event of a sideways fall that could damage the radiator. Efficiency and protection guaranteed!

Machined Clutch Cover by Rieju Power Parts Factory

The best way to prevent the clutch cover from breaking on impact and to improve its resistance thanks to increased oil capacity, without neglecting the aesthetics of the whole. Made from stronger, thicker materials, the clutch cover machined by Rieju Power Parts Factory gives a more racing and aggressive look thanks to its design and extremely precise fit.

Stainless Steel Footrests

Stainless steel footrests offer great grip, essential for holding onto the bike and exerting the necessary and appropriate force on the footrests in a reliable manner. What's more, stainless steel makes these footrests much more resistant to corrosion and the elements.

It is Also Equipped With

LED headlight with lens protection, a powerful, bright light that will illuminate every part of your ride, giving you better vision for night-time riding.
Front and rear handles, essential for the practice of Hard Enduro. The handles allow you to move your bike more efficiently in extreme situations.
Mitas Terra Force tyres, specific to this sport, the same tyres used by our rider Alfredo Gómez in the hard enduro world championship.
Short drive with 12-tooth sprocket, to get more energetic power where it's needed.

Motorcycle Details

Engine 2T single-cylinder, liquid cooled
Displacement 299,3 cc/ 249,5cc
Bore x stroke 72 x 72 mm
Start Kickstarter (new lever) and electric oil bathed
Cooling Radiator + Electrical Fan
Ignition Digital CDI - Euro5
Double map Dry / rain
Carburetor Kehin PWK 36
Gearbox 6 speed gearbox with foot control
Clutch Multidisc in oil bath - Magura clutch pump
Intake system Direct reed valve VForce 4
Exhaust muffler Oxa By Alfredo Gómez
Frame Central spine in Chromium Molybdenum Steel
Subframe Aluminum
Swingarm Aluminium and Linkage system
Front fork KYB 48 mm, AOS System, Closed Cartridge Anti-Friction Treatment DLC
Shock Absorber Shock absorber with gas tank KYB
Front suspension travel 300 mm
Rear suspension travel 131 mm
Seat Non-slip bicolor Enduro Pro
Handlebar Double diameter Renthal 997
Grips Renthal
Front rim - tyre EXCEL 1.6 x 21 - 90/90 - 21 Mitas Terra Force EF Super Light
Rear rim - tyre EXCEL 2.15 x 18 - 140/80 - 18 Mitas Terra Force EF Super Soft
Type of the rim EXCEL rim, aluminum radiated
Front brake Nissin Clamp & Pump Assembly - Floating Disc NG disc 260 mm
Rear brake Nissin Clamp & Pump Assembly - NG disc 220 mm
Crankcase cover AXP, thicker casing
Front disc protector Polisport
Rear disc protector Hard red anodized aluminum
Chain guide AXP, very robust in red color
Radiator guard Metal structure
Clutch cover/td> Machined cover Rieju Power Parts Factory
Handles Front and rear
Footpegs High grip stainless steel
Headlight Led with lens protector


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